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Here you can find answers to common questions regarding Z3 Internet's PowerPlus Reseller Plans and the use of its services. If you have a question which you cannot find answered here, please send your question to .

Why pick Z3 Internet?

Z3 Internet offers only state-of-the-art tools for the Web. Boasting several high speed links to diverse net backbone interconnects, the fastest of servers, and a dedicated support staff, we are committed to delivering everything your business needs to capitalize on the Internet now and far into the future. Founded in 1997, Z3 Internet is not a new kid on the block. Our sharp staff consists of a team which is no stranger to the web. Having grown up with the net, their skills are finely honed from years of experience, to provide you the ultimate in technical expertise, support, and performance. And unlike other providers who have a large investment in already outdated equipment, Z3 Internet 's infrastructure consists entirely of the latest and greatest cutting edge technologies. Let Z3 Internet put its incomparable skill and performance to work for you! 

If the advantages of hosting with Z3 Internet still aren't clear, remember one thing as you shop around for a web hosting provider: "You get what you pay for!"  So before you spend countless hours looking for a way to save a few pennies, remember that when it comes to web hosting, a penny saved is not necessarily a penny earned.  The first time your site goes down on some other providers overloaded servers, you'll be kicking yourself for having let absolute cost rule over potential reliability and quality of service.  We know you want an affordable solution to your web hosting needs, and we believe that is what we deliver.  But we don't deliver it at the expense of quality.  

Don't judge a book by its cover...
Don't be fooled by Z3 Internet' s modestly designed web site.   If you are going to make a decision about choosing our services based solely on how pretty our site is laid out, you will truly miss out on the real power and performance we offer.  A lot of hosts focus more on ultimate graphical glitz in wooing you into buying their wares.  Z3 Internet focuses most on the backend, where it matters.   Our staff is a top notch technical team with years upon years of experience in the field.  So when you choose Z3 Internet for your web hosting project, you can rest assured that you have some of the best tech heads in the business making sure your site never skips a beat.   We don't sell you a freshly polished car with an underpowered engine.   We sell you a high performance car that is built to last!. 

Z3 Internet has a proud reputation of serving clients reliably since 1997.  We have a reputation to maintain and will never cut corners at your expense.  If you are still unsure about Z3 Internet , remember, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  So if you sign up with us and just aren't pleased, cancel without a hassle, and get your money back.  We are confidant you will stick with us once you try us.  

Additional information can be found in the "Why Choose Us?" section of our website.


Is 'overselling' enabled for reseller accounts?   What is 'overselling'?

All PowerPlus Reseller plans do come with 'overselling' enabled.   'Overselling' is the ability to create accounts whose collective quotas exceed the overall quota assigned by our reseller plans.   The total combined actual usage though of all of your sites still must remain within the limits imposed by your reseller plan.  This is best illustrated by example:

Example without 'overselling':

A reseller allocated 5 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth could for example create up to 5 accounts, each with 1 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth.   Even if the accounts were not using all of the space or bandwidth they are allocated, no additional accounts can be created by the reseller.  All assigned disk space and bandwidth has been allocated.

Example with 'overselling' enabled:

A reseller allocated 5 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth could create as many accounts as he chooses of any size.   The only limit is on the total actual resource usage.   Provided all of your resold accounts do not collectively use more than 5 GB of disk space and/or 50 GB of bandwidth, you can continue to add accounts.   Should your total actual usage for a month exceed your monthly quotas, you will not be hit with surprise charges.  If however you have seemed to outgrow your reseller limits, we will offer you a reasonably priced upgrade path.  But there will never be a surprise charge!

It is worth noting that Z3 Internet does NOT oversell the services we sell you!   Your disk space and bandwidth are allocated and reserved exclusively for you.  This ensures that as your sites grow you won't ever hit a bottle neck.   Guaranteed 100% or your money refunded.


How many accounts may I host under my reseller plan?

All PowerPlus Reseller plans allow you to host essentially an unlimited number of accounts under your reseller plan.   Obviously nothing is truly ever unlimited.   The better way to say this would be that we do not charge you anything additional for each account you host under your reseller plan .   The only overriding limit will be the total amount of disk space and bandwidth you are paying for with your reseller plan.   You can slice and dice your disk and bandwidth quotas into as many pieces large or small as you choose.


Are any facilities provided to update and maintain my own DNS entries?

The WHM reseller control panel included with your reseller plan includes full DNS management capabilities.   You can add new zones, modify existing zones, including the definition of custom MX entries.

DNS operations related to the creation of new accounts, parked domains or subdomains are all fully automated.  DNS entries will automatically be created in both our anonymous nameservers and your two personalized nameservers whenever you add a new account, park a domain, or set up a subdomain.


Will I have my own nameservers, and

Fully personalized nameservers are included with all PowerPlus Reseller plans.   All DNS entries created through your WHM reseller control panel or in conjunction with the accounts you resell will immediately appear in your 2 personalized nameservers as well as our generic anonymous nameservers, and

Which ever of these two sets of nameservers you use, the fact that Z3 Internet is your provider will not be readily apparent.   This enables you to launch your own private-label services on a budget.


How redundant are the nameservers provided by Z3 Internet?

All nameservers provided by Z3 Internet, both your personalized nameservers and our anonymous nameservers are hosted on two separate servers operating on completely different networks.   This ensures the highest availability DNS service.   Your domain names will always be visible.   

Some hosts skimp and host both of your nameservers on one server.  If that one server goes down, all of your DNS services would go offline, and no one would find your site.   Our redundant configuration is not prone to such problems.


Do PowerPlus Reseller accounts support ASP?  JSP?  PHP?

ASP is a scripting solution created by Microsoft and thus most fully supported by Windows based servers.  Our servers are running RedHat Linux and thus do not include support for ASP.  We are evaluating the addition of Windows based hosting solutions in the near future, so be sure to check back soon if ASP is important to you.

We support JSP and Java Servlets on select servers.   Be sure to specify your needs for this technology when ordering to ensure you are allocated to one of the servers in our JSP capable farm.

PHP is supported on ALL servers.   PHP includes all standard modules and add-ons and marries wonderfully with MySQL.   PHP is the preferred server-side scripting solution.


Are any backup services provided by Z3 Internet?

All data on all reseller services is backed up regularly.   All backups are maintained both on-site and off-site.   These measures help to greatly protect your sites and data from disaster. You are still strongly encouraged however to maintain reasonable backups of your own critical data, where possible.


What are the terms of Z3 Internet's 99.9% uptime guarantee?

Should Z3 Internet not provide at least 99.9% uptime in any one billing month, you will receive a credit of one full month of hosting at your current plan level. A true uptime guarantee with real teeth!


How big a reseller plan do I really need?   What happens if I exceed my allocations?

The answer to this question is really a function of how many sites you plan to resell and just how big they are.  Another important consideration is the type of content being hosted.   Multimedia sites, for example, tend to consume both more disk space and bandwidth.  It is also worthwhile to leave some margin for growth as all websites tend to grow over time.

Our standard reseller plans are sized to match typical resource needs.   If you are unsure just how big an account you need, you can always start with the PowerPlus Basic Plan, then upgrade later should your client base grow.

It is important to note that Z3 Internet will not penalize you should your site occasionally exceed its monthly allocations.    There will be no surprise excess bandwidth charges, ever.   Should your site begin to consistently exceed its monthly allocations, we will contact you and recommend a budget conscious upgrade path for you.


What type of connectivity does Z3 Internet provide for our reseller services?   Tell me something about the data center.

All reseller accounts are hosted in a state-of-the-art carrier grade data center.   This high tech facility boasts many impressive features including multiple and redundant Gigabit links to diverse backbone providers. Combined with BGP4 routing protocol, you can be confidant your site will be up and accessible to the web. This cutting-edge routing technology maximizes the benefit of our connections to these diverse providers, to ensure visitors to your site have the easiest time connecting to your site. Most web hosting providers depend on lines from a single provider which can be easily crippled by the inevitable routing and congestion problems on the net. With our diverse multiple points of entry, we are much less susceptible to these types of service problems.

A sampling of our internet connectivity includes gigabit links from:

Time Warner

+ connectivity from Saavis and ELI

All links are running on average at less than 50% capacity.

In addition to the impressive connectivity, the data center boasts both UPS and dual diesel generator power backup to ensure that external conditions do not impact the operation of your server.   The data center is staffed 24x7 to ensure rapid responses to any and all technical issues.


What server hardware is Z3 Internet using?

Z3 Internet uses state-of-the-art, highly optimized Pentium 4 and Xeon based servers. Each server is equipped with plenty of RAM and very lightly CPU loaded to ensure fast serving of your content. Inside our server farm, we run a 100 Mbps switched Ethernet, connecting finally to our high performance Cisco routers and our multiple high speed pipes to the net. Our servers run RedHat Linux and the award-winning Apache HTTP server software.


Can I resell my space for hosting adult content?

Adult content is permitted provided that such content is "legal" as defined by the standards and laws of the United States of America.  Obvious prohibitions under these guidelines would be sites featuring sexual content involving subjects under the age of 18, sites promoting criminal activities such as rape, and sites facilitating the sexually implied communication and correspondence between adults and minors.   This is not a complete list of prohibited activities, but if you have any question at all about a site's suitability and legality, please consult before hosting it.   

For the sake of ensuring the stability of network services and server loading, Z3 Internet will strive to when possible host adult oriented resellers on servers specifically dedicated to this class of sites.   Adult hosts and non-adult hosts are all guaranteed the same caliber of hosting performance. 


What tools does Z3 Internet provide for operating an internet based business?

All reseller accounts include the cPanel control panel.  Included with the cPanel control panel and its associated Fantastico package are point-and-click e-commerce solutions such as Agora.cgi and the professional grade osCommerce.   Both you the reseller and all of your resold accounts are provided access to these powerful add-ons at no additional cost.

In addition to the shopping cart solutions noted above, Fantastico provides point-and-click installers for such tools as customer forums, live chat support systems, trouble ticket support systems, and much much more.   Again, all included at no additional cost to both you and all of your resale clients.


Are additional IP addresses available if I need them?

In accordance with ARIN guidelines for the conservation of IPV4 addresses, all of our hosting is performed on a shared IP address name based hosting solution.   However there are legitimate cases where dedicated IP addresses are required.  These include the installation of domain specific SSL certificates.   Where legitimate need is shown Z3 Internet is pleased to provide up to the first few IP addresses at no additional cost.   If you anticipate a large need for IP addresses, please let us know in advance so that we can be sure to assign you to a server with adequate free IP addresses.


How long does it take to open an account?

We can usually have your account setup within just a couple of hours of receiving payment for your order. At the current time, we request payment for at least the first 3 months in advance when establishing your account. This measure helps Z3 Internet minimize operating costs and overhead and pass the inevitable savings along to you.


What methods of payment does Z3 Internet accept?

The preferred method of payment is credit card. Z3 Internet proudly accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.   Payments are also accepted by check or money order.   Recurring payments by PayPal are also possible.


If I establish an account with a domain name, who ends up owning the domain name? Can I take it with me if I ever decide to switch to a new provider?

Your domain is exclusively yours and not owned by us. You will be listed as the administrative and billing contacts for your domain, and thus will retain total control of it. You will of course be responsible for your own payment to InterNIC or other domain registry.


I already have a domain name somewhere else, can I transfer it to a new account with Z3 Internet?

No problem. The domain name is yours and it's a simple process to transfer it to our server. In fact, it's usually completed within a few days! Z3 Internet will assist you with the paperwork involved.


I already have a domain name registered elsewhere. I want to use it with my new reseller account. Must I transfer my domain registration to Z3 Internet?

No. Though Z3 Internet does also offer domain registration services, you are not obligated to transfer registration of your domain name to us. All you will need to do is point your domain to either our nameservers or the personalized nameservers we will provide you. Unless you specifically request that we transfer your domain registration, Z3 Internet will not touch your domain name.


What restrictions, if any, apply to the use of Z3 Internet web hosting accounts?  

Z3 Internet web hosting accounts may be used for most legal commercial and non-commercial purposes.  Z3 Internet does however specifically prohibit the use of our servers for the following:

* IRC bots or servers
* the dissemination of SPAM
* adult or sexual content which is illegal in the United States of America
* providing tools for or acting as a launching point for attacks on network services internal and external
* hosting illegal content including but not limited to illegal software (WAREZ), illegal MP3s and other media, etc

Please contact should you have any questions about content you are planning to host.


Does Z3 Internet have a sales and support telephone line?

Z3 Internet's primary mode of contact for sales and support is email and our trouble ticket system.  This allows us to best distribute your exact issue to our staff, part of which is distributed at remote locations.   Z3 Internet believes in tapping the global wealth of computer and information expertise to bring you the best in customer support and service.   We realize though that there are times and situations where that direct human contact is desirable.   To that end we welcome sales and support inquiries also by phone.   Our number is 1-201-963-8841.     If a support professional is not immediately available, one will be paged immediately to review your message.


How can I contact Z3 Internet by regular (snail) mail?

Z3 Internet's offices can be reached by mail at the following address:

Z3 Internet
147 Congress Street
Jersey City, NJ  07307