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A Proven Track Record

Z3 Internet is no new kid on the block. We have been in the hosting business since 1997. With over 6 years of solid growth, Z3 Internet is a host which will be here for you both today and long into the future. We are not some shaky new startup trying to make a go of it. We don't operate out of a garage. Z3 Internet has grown up with the Internet and will continue to offer you the latest cutting edge technology. Let out years of experience work for you.

Quality and Reliability

An important consideration when choosing a reseller hosting provider is just how reliable the services are. Z3 Internet prides itself on unparalleled uptime. As more and more discover the true Z3 Internet difference and make the switch, we regularly hear refugee horror stories of just how bad the typical host is these days. People have become conditioned to expect recurring downtime every day or week, loss of email, and unresponsive support. You do not have to settle for poor service. Our plans our competitively priced, and come with these solid commitments:

Our commitments to quality:

  1. If our service does not meet the 99.9% uptime we guarantee in any calendar month by any fault of ours or our equipment, you will receive a service credit of one free month. No BS!

  2. We will whenever possible perform maintenance reboots and server upgrades off hours, overnight, so as not to interfere with your primetime traffic.

  3. We will not oversell our servers or services. We will never overload our servers with too many accounts or resellers. Z3 Internet will continue to grow to meet the growing needs of its ever increasing client base.

  4. We will always provide complete and comprehensive support for issues large and small. We will be here for you 24 hours per day with prompt prioritized support. We will respond promptly and courteously. Our support includes support beyond the norm, including free custom scripting and site development services. In answering your questions and addressing your issues, we won't just give you a dismissive two word answer. We believe in thorough and informative communication. You won't be left in the dark.

  5. We provide redundant networks to ensure the highest possible availability of your clients sites. Many of our competitors have all of their eggs in one basket. We have reinvested our revenue since 1997 to build a diverse hosting infrastructure now spread across multiple carrier grade facilities in the US. We have far more options at hand to resolve the rare problem that might crop up than most hosts do.

  6. We only use state of the art hardware, and have an ongoing program to update systems as they age. Our latest servers utilize such impressive solutions as multi Xeon processor based servers, SCSI hard drives and multi gigabytes of RAM. Serious server hardware for serious sites.

  7. Solid planning and preparedness for disasters. Our datacenter operations include state of the art fire suppression and environmental control systems. All power systems are backed up by carrier grade UPS systems as well as dual diesel generators which provide theoretically unlimited uptime in the event of commercial power outages. (We didn't skip a beat during the big blackout of August 14, 2003 that hit our area). All server data is backed up nightly both on site and off site. In the event of a truly catastrophic failure at any one of our multiple facilities, we do have the capability to bring sites back up using alternate resources. We have grown our infrastructure over the years since our inception in 1997.

Do the math:

Our hosting accounts allow you to host an unlimited number of domains. Slice and dice the bandwidth and disk space we provide you into as many accounts as you choose with as many features as you choose. These are not dumbed down accounts you are reselling. These are accounts as fully featured as you choose. You can even resell different types of accounts to take advantage of the upsell potential our fully featured reseller accounts offer. Its the ultimate in flexibility at an insanely low price.

Profit Potential Example: PowerPlus Basic Plan
Disk Space: 5 GB
Bandwidth: 100 GB
Without overselling (you dedicate the full space and bandwidth to each user whether they use it all or not)
Size of accounts you resell: 100 MB storage
Your cost per account: 5 GB / 100 MB
= 50 accounts
= $39.95/50
= Less than 80 cents per account!
Your potential profit: Several dollars per resold account! / Several hundred percent!
You set your prices. You set your profits!
With overselling (assumes that on average most of your clients will only use 80% of their resources)
Size of accounts you resell: 100 MB storage
Your cost per account: 5 GB / (80% of 100) MB
= 62+ accounts
= $39.95/62
= Less than 65 cents per account!
Your potential profit: Several dollars per resold account! / Several hundred percent!
You set your prices. You set your profits!
Even more dramatic profits with our PowerPlus Intermediate and PowerPlus Pro plans.
And now with our 1/2 price special, start out earning twice as much!


Summary of Key Z3 Internet Reseller Hosting Advantages
Important Points to Consider
Z3 Internet
Other hosts
Ability to host unlimited domains at no extra cost
No limits on email accounts, and all other key features. You allocate them as you need them.
99.9% uptime guarantee with full months credit
Comprehensive priority support of your issues, as well as those of your clients. Prompt and thorough courteous replies. Full answers in minutes not days.
Free expert assistance to address 'outside the box' issues such as:
+ account customizations
+ site design
+ custom scripting
+ marketing advice
Emergency support telephone hotline
Unlimited free assistance migrating existing sites from another host
Automated and live staff monitoring of all servers 24 hours per day for immediate response to any service issues which should arise
Multiple state of the art facilities for maximum redundancy
Solid disaster recovery plan including daily on and off site backups
Firewall and other active security audit tools
Robust and aggressive spam filtering
Shell access via SSH included
Free anonymous shared SSL certificate for use by all accounts
In business for over 7 years with solid continued business growth. Here today...not gone tomorrow!

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Thank you for considering Z3 Internet