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Here you can find answers to common questions regarding Z3 Internet and using its services. If you have a question which you cannot find answered here, please send your question to

Why pick Z3 Internet?

Z3 Internet offers only state-of-the-art tools for the Web. Boasting several high speed links to diverse net backbone interconnects, the fastest of servers, and a dedicated support staff, we are committed to delivering everything your business needs to capitalize on the Internet now and far into the future. Founded in 1997, Z3 Internet is not a new kid on the block. Our sharp staff consists of a team which is no stranger to the web. Having grown up with the net, their skills are finely honed from years of experience, to provide you the ultimate in technical expertise, support, and performance. And unlike other providers who have a large investment in already outdated equipment, Z3 Internet's infrastructure consists entirely of the latest and greatest cutting edge technologies. Let Z3 Internet put its incomparable skill and performance to work for you! Still not convinced? Check out even more reasons why Z3 Internet is the best choice for your web hosting needs.

How much bandwidth do I really need for my site?  For example, will a few GB per month really be enough?   What happens if I exceed my allocations?

The vast majority of our customer sites easily fit into a monthly traffic allowance of a few GB per month.  This is the level of service offered by our highly economical "Basic" level web hosting account.   Sites consisting of a mix of text and a few graphics per page, as do most, are not terribly high bandwidth users.   The only sites which typically won't fit within a monthly traffic quota of 5 GB are those sites hosting large downloadable multimedia galleries, or sites with historically high traffic patterns.    

It is important to note that Z3 Internet will not penalize you should your site occasionally exceed its monthly allocations.    There will be no surprise excess bandwidth charges, ever.   Should your site begin to consistently exceed its monthly allocations, we will contact you and recommend a budget conscious upgrade path for you.

Can I host more than one domain in my account?

Yes.   We offer several options to cover this.   Firstly, you can always park additional domains pointing to your main site at no additional cost.   These parked domain names would in essence be aliases for your main website.   Email service is included with this free domain parking service.

We also offer the ability to host separate and distinct sites within your account.   There are small additional monthly fees, per domain.   Each of these subhosted domains will all be sharing the same storage and bandwidth allocation as your main account.  So in other words, if you are hosting 2 additional sites within your account in this manner,  the total disk space and bandwidth consumed by these 2 sites + your main site, all must be less than the allocation provided by your main account.   Our web hosting services page details current pricing for these options.

If you are looking to host many domains in the role of a reseller of our hosting services, you may also be interested in our PowerPlus Reseller Plans.  They represent a complete reseller solution.   If the standard PowerPlus Reseller Plans we offer are a bit above your intended budget, contact us at and we will give you an extremely competitive quote on something smaller or larger.   No request is too small or too large!

What will my web site address be?

We offer true virtual hosting, so your site's address will be of the familiar form,  As an added bonus, all domain names are registered to respond to or simply

What is Z3 Internet's connection speed to the Internet?

We offer several DS3 (T3) class lines to diverse backbone providers. Combined with BGP4 routing protocol, you can be confidant your site will be up and accessible to the web. This cutting-edge routing technology maximizes the benefit of our connections to these diverse providers, to ensure visitors to your site have the easiest time connecting to your site. Most web hosting providers depend on lines from a single provider which can be easily crippled by the inevitable routing and congestion problems on the net. With our diverse multiple points of entry, we are much less susceptible to these types of service problems.

What server hardware is Z3 Internet using?

Z3 Internet uses state-of-the-art, highly optimized Pentium III and Pentium 4 based servers. Each server is equipped with plenty of RAM and very lightly CPU loaded to ensure fast serving of your content. Inside our server farm, we run a 100 Mbps switched Ethernet, connecting finally to our high performance Cisco routers and our multiple T3 and T1 lines. Our newest servers run the hottest flavor of UNIX on the market, the Linux OS, and the award-winning Apache HTTP server software.

Can Z3 Internet design my site and maintain it for me?

Our primary account offerings allow you to maintain your own site and content. If however, you would like our crack staff to help you design or maintain your site, we do also offer such services. Specializing in everything from basic HTML and graphic design, to hot internet technologies like Java and RealAudio/Video, our staff can handle all your needs. Contact our sales staff with an outline of your needs for a prompt and competitive price quote.

Can I host a pornographic web site on a Z3 Internet server?

Though Z3 Internet is a strong advocate of free speech on the internet, we reluctantly have to prohibit the operation of such sites in our standard hosting accounts for purely technical reasons. Sites of this type draw a disproportionately large volume of traffic which ends up negatively impacting service to our other customers. If you have a special need to host such a high traffic web site, contact our skilled sales staff, who in conjunction with our support staff, can hook you up with an affordable alternate hosting solution through our adult hosting division.

Can I use my space for business and profit?

Of course the answer is YES! We strongly encourage the innovative use of the web for both fun and profit.   Z3 Internet offers e-commerce solutions for businesses large and small.   Z3 Internet also offers an unprecedented level of FREE support to hold your hand through every stage of getting your very own successful web presence online.

How long does it take to open an account?

We can usually have your account setup within just a couple of hours of receiving payment for your order. At the current time, we request payment for at least the first 3 months in advance when establishing your account. This measure helps Z3 Internet minimize operating costs and overhead and pass the inevitable savings along to you.

Does Z3 Internet accept payment by credit card?

The preferred method of payment is credit card. Z3 Internet proudly accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards.   Payments are also accepted by check or money order.

If I establish an account with a domain name, who ends up owning the domain name? Can I take it with me if I ever decide to switch to a new provider?

Your domain is exclusively yours and not owned by us. You will be listed as the administrative and billing contacts for your domain, and thus will retain total control of it. You will of course be responsible for your own payment to InterNIC or other domain registry.

I already have a domain name somewhere else, can I transfer it to a new account with Z3 Internet?

No problem. The domain name is yours and it's a simple process to transfer it to our server. In fact, it's usually completed within a few days! Z3 Internet will assist you with the paperwork involved.

How can I contact Z3 Internet by regular (snail) mail?

Z3 Internet's offices can be reached by mail at the following address:

Z3 Internet
147 Congress Street
Jersey City, NJ  07307

What restrictions, if any, apply to the use of Z3 Internet web hosting accounts?  What policies and terms of service govern Z3 Internet web hosting accounts?

Z3 Internet web hosting accounts may be used for most legal commercial and non-commercial purposes.  Z3 Internet imposes the minimal set of system policies and terms of service necessary to protect overall system integrity and security.   Further details can be found at: System Policies and Terms of Service.

Does Z3 Internet have a sales and support telephone line?

Z3 Internet's primary mode of contact for sales and support is email.  This allows us to best distribute your exact issue to our staff, part of which is distributed at remote locations.   Z3 Internet believes in tapping the global wealth of computer and information expertise to bring you the best in customer support and service.   We realize though that there are times and situations where that direct human contact is desirable.   To that end we welcome sales and support inquiries also by phone.   Our number is 1-201-963-8841.     


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