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 Expand your business horizons...
E-Commerce is the hot new way to expand your business horizons.  Now instead of doing business just on a community basis, you can exploit the power of the Internet to give your business a truly global reach.

 Getting started...
Starting a business used to be very difficult.  Finding office space, possibly renting a storefront... You get the picture.  The Internet has simplified things quite a bit, but still there are a lot of little things to pull together to build a successful online presence.  That's where Z3 Internet comes in.  We offer you all the tools you need to break into the world of e-commerce and succeed.  But what are tools in the hands of the inexperienced?  Z3 Internet backs its powerful offerings with unparalleled support.  So when you have questions, we've got the answers.

How do you go from zero to $$$$ on the web in just days?   Follow the step-by-step Z3 Internet formula for building your e-commerce presence.
  1. Establish a web presence - This consists of opening a web hosting account to establish a web site, selecting a domain name for your new site and the registering a domain name for it.  Instead of making you do all the leg work of pulling all these pieces together yourself, all these services are included in any of our exceptionally affordable web hosting plans.  Each web hosting plan that Z3 Internet offers not only provides you a powerful, high-performance web presence, but we include registration of your site's new domain name FREE of charge.  The big guys like Network Solutions charge you as much as $70 to establish a domain name.  Z3 Internet is committed to value.

  2. Build your site - Once you have your own little spot on the web, you need to build it into something that will attract visitors, and make them want to return again and again.  To that end, Z3 Internet provides you with a solid foundation to build your site upon.  Included with every Z3 Internet account are a collection of versatile programs and site features pre-installed and ready to go right out of the box.  No configuration hassles for you.  No fuss.  This impressive collection of components includes such community building interactive features as message boards, guestbooks, visitor response forms, and more.  A site your visitors can interact with is sure to attract and keep their attention time and time again.

    No matter how you create your pages, updating your site is a snap.  The unlimited FTP and Telnet access provided with every Z3 Internet web hosting account means you can upload and update your content smoothly and simply, as often as you wish.  FTP, the File Transfer Protocol, is supported by most popular web design packages.  And even if you design your pages by hand, FTP file transfer utilities are available free on the web for most every computer out there.  Windows users even have it preinstalled on their systems.  Site design tools such as Microsoft's FrontPage, further simplify the web design and publishing process.  Z3 Internet even offers free support for publishing content to any of our web hosting accounts using FrontPage.  

    You don't feel you are up to the rewarding challenges of designing your own web pages?  No problem!  Z3 Internet offers web design services to fill the void.  Just contact our sales department to discuss how we may assist you.

  3. Equipping your site for e-commerce - Though it is possible to just put up a static web page with your address on it and expect people to mail you orders, your site truly becomes empowered when you are able to accept orders in realtime online.  

    Security - You've heard that ordering things online is risky and insecure?  Well it is if you try to accept orders via an insecure web connection.  So how do you secure your site?  Basically you need a web server capable of carrying on secure communications with your visitors (lots of $$$).  Then in addition, you will need a security certificate issued by a certificate authority to authenticate your site's identity to visitors ($300+).  A quick tally shows costs can skyrocket quickly.  But before you get discouraged, some good news.  Z3 Internet includes ALL these assets in each and every one of our web hosting accounts.  You have full access to our secure server and secure server certificate at no additional cost.  The bottom line is that what are normally big hurdles for e-commerce startups on the web are totally eliminated for you when you host your e-commerce site with Z3 Internet.

    Your store - Visitors come to your e-commerce site to spend money, so presenting your products and being able to accept orders effectively is very important.  Z3 Internet doesn't lose site of your needs.  Included with every one of our web hosting accounts is a very powerful and flexible shopping cart system.  For those of you not familiar with exactly what a shopping cart system offers, basically it allows your visitors to logically navigate through your collection of online items and along the way select items to purchase (by depositing them in their 'shopping cart').  When they have completed shopping they can 'check out' and complete their order.  Your customer has the real time satisfaction of having purchased the items they want in a seamless fashion, and you reap the rewards of another successful sale.  We've set up a sample store so you can take it for a spin to see what we mean.

    Setup of your online store is a snap.  Via its intuitive web-based interface, you quickly and easily define the products you have for sale.  All that's left to do at that point is hang out your virtual OPEN for business sign.  Though it may sound 'cookie-cutter' because of its relative simplicity of setup, the fact is that the shopping cart system we provide with every web hosting account has incredible potential to match your skill level.  Dig in under the hood a bit and you can customize the look and feel of your store even more.  We offer complete tutorials on customizing the store for every skill level from novice to expert.

    Upgrade Path to Professional Grade Solutions
    For more advanced e-commerce solutions we also offer a FREE upgrade to the professional grade osCommerce shopping cart system.   Sample the power of osCommerce!

  4. Promoting your site - Unfortunately a web site is not like the Field of Dreams.  Just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come.  You need to get the word out about your new web presence.  Z3 Internet is right here to assist in your promotional endeavors.  From getting your site listed in an impressive assortment of search engines, to targeting a banner advertising campaign, our helpful marketing team is available to assist.

  5. Accepting payments online - The majority of people who shop on the web, shop impulsively, and shop using a credit card.  If you already have a merchant account to process credit charges, you are all set.  In fact, the shopping cart system we provide with our web hosting accounts includes a built-in gateway to popular realtime credit transaction processing systems such as Authorize.net and iTransact.  This means instantaneous processing of your customer's credit card purchase.  The option is also provided to do manual offline processing of customer charges.   The flexibility is there to accommodate your particular situation in a painless fashion.  

    If you do not already have a merchant account to process credit card charges you can either apply for one through your bank, or any of the numerous online credit agencies offering them.  We personally recommend Charge.com.  They offer some of the lowest cost merchant accounts on the net!  And if acquiring a merchant account is not your cup of tea, Z3 Internet can hook you up with a no-cost way to accept credit cards online without a merchant account, thanks to our partnership with PayPal.  

    NEW:  Our shopping cart can now be upgraded for FREE to support payment processing through PayPal!

 What next ???
Hopefully by this point you have an appreciation for what is involved in setting up an e-commerce presence on the web.  You can leave with the knowledge you gained here and try to apply it elsewhere.  But here at Z3 Internet we believe strongly that we offer all the tools and experienced customer support you will need to get going with the least amount of effort.  We want your business to be as successful as it can possibly be.  Why not give us a try?  Review our web hosting plans and pick the one that best suits your budget and needs.  Again, they all include every one of the e-commerce enabling features we covered on this page.  So no matter which one you chose to start with, you can not go wrong.  And, if you really aren't sure which account level you need, just ask us by dropping an email to sales@z3.com with a basic outline of your visions.  We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Z3 Internet is here not just before you signup, but standing by you with a team of knowledgeable customer support representatives after signup, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to be there for you when you most need it.

$$ E-Commerce is an exciting new field.  Let Z3 Internet help your web business dreams come true! $$

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